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Welcome to Greenlands Nursery Infant School website

Welcome to Greenlands Schools!

My name is Lesley Dolben and I am privileged to be the Executive Headteacher. I am responsible for leading both Greeenlands Nursery Infant and Greenland's Junior Schools .

These two settings have decided to learn together in a formal collaboration.  This means a single staff team and governors working together through a joint operating committee. The children play and learn together.


There are over 700 children across two vibrant and inclusive schools. We have three classes in each year and a 52 place nursery.  The teaching teams work so closely together that, on an everyday level we operate as if we were a single primary school. In fact, only a door separates each school!  The happy result is that children and families can now expect a seamless learning experience from nursery all the way to year six.

Darnall children deserve the very best so we are on a rapidly improving journey and aiming for outstanding! I am pleased to say that we have already made many positive steps in the right direction and you can read about these in our recent Ofsted reports.

The schools welcome parent participation and every morning families are encouraged to come and join in. Some parents also volunteer to hear children read or help in other ways.

Our schools sit in the heart of Darnall and our recently formed ‘Community Education Forum’ encourages all of our partners to support our efforts to improve the outcomes for the children in this area. We are working together to contribute to future success by encouraging good attendance at school and offering a range of learning opportunities outside of the school day to complement and enrich the lives of our children.

I am committed to ensuring that we build a great community school together: a school that parents will be proud to send their children to.  The children are working hard to be 'the best that we can be!'  I am determined to make sure that their school life is a happy, safe and fulfilling one. Every child can and will succeed at a Greenlands!

Of course reading about us can only give a glimpse of what we offer. If you are considering applying for a place here for your child I warmly invite you to come and visit us, to meet our teachers and see the work that the children are doing. You will then see first hand why Greenlands is a great place to learn!

Mrs Dolben by Karima

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